2022 IEEE International Symposium
on Phased Array Systems and Technology

Revolutionary Developments in Phased Array

11–14 October 2022

Symposium Proceedings

The link to access the proceedings will be emailed to all registered attendees. The link will download a zip file which includes the Symposium Program Pamphlet with links to the final papers.  Once you download the zip file, unzip the contents and open the Proceedings pdf document.  If there is a final paper available for a talk, the talk will be highlighted in blue and link to that final paper.

Should you not be able to access the Proceedings zip file, please contact Kathleen Ballos at SymposiumAdministrator@array2022.org so we can find another means of providing you with the Proceedings.

The Proceedings will be available for download until 11:59 PM (US ET) on October 21, 2022.

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