Student Paper Competition

The 2022 Symposium will include a Student Paper Competition

 General Information

  1. Only one student paper competition (SPC) submission per student is allowed.
  2. For consideration in the student paper competition, the student must be the first author on the paper and a student at the time of paper submission.
  3. At least one letter on institution letterhead must certify that the lead author is a student at the time of paper submission.  Generally this is provided by the student’s advisor.  The letter must be in PDF format, on institutional letterhead, and must be uploaded via the web site at the time of paper submission.  If the paper is sole-authored, a letter from the student’s advisor is still required.  Deadline for submission of student papers is TBD.  

Please adhere to all Rules and Guidelines for submitting a paper to the student competition. Rules and guidelines will be posted shortly.

For more information please email:

Coming soon:
Student Paper Competition Rules & Guidelines