2022 IEEE International Symposium
on Phased Array Systems and Technology

Revolutionary Developments in Phased Arrays

11–14 October 2022

Student Paper Competition

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 – Student Paper Competition

8:00 – 8:30 AM: Arrival and Registration

8:30 – 9:00 AM: Poster Setup

9:00 – 11:45 AM: Student Paper Contest

11:45 – 12:00 PM: Poster Tear Down

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 12 at the Banquet.

General Information

Only one student paper competition (SPC) submission per student is allowed.

The student does NOT have to be a member of IEEE.

For consideration in the student paper competition, the student must be the first author on the paper and a student (full-time or part time) at the time of paper submission.

The student’s primary advisor must respond to an email that will be sent to the advisor’s educational institution address after the paper is submitted. The response will certify that the student meets the conditions in A.3 and that all coauthors’ contributions to the paper are primarily advisory or editorial. Response to the advisor attestation must be received by 12 June 2022, 23h 59m UTC -12. If a response is not received by the attestation deadline, the paper will not be eligible for the SPC but will be eligible for the conference. Students are encouraged to notify their advisors in advance so that replies are received prior to the attestation deadline.

All SPC entries are automatically considered for placement in regular symposium sessions, depending on acceptance or rejection as determined in the review process. In other words, a second submission of the same paper is NOT needed to be considered for regular or special session placement. SPC finalists will, in addition to a regular/special symposium session, present their papers in a special SPC session as described below.

Preparation and Submission of Papers

Please read the following instructions carefully before preparing a paper for submission. Failure to follow all instructions below will result in the removal of the paper from the SPC competition.

Papers must be in IEEE dual-column format and must be 2 pages (minimum) to 8 pages (maximum) in length including figures and references. A paper template can be found on the IEEE website.

Student Papers must be received in PDF format via the conference web site on or before 15 May 2022. This is a firm deadline. Papers will not be accepted after this date.  During online submission, the student must answer “yes” to include the paper in the student competition.

Failure to follow all instructions will result in the removal of the paper from the competition and its placement in the regular submission paper pool.  Due to the timeline of the review process, no resubmissions or corrections are permitted.

Questions regarding the preparation and submission of papers for the competition should be directed to students@array2022.org.

Evaluation of Written Submissions

A panel of reviewers from the Society’s membership including researchers from industry, laboratories, and universities is assembled to evaluate all qualifying student paper submissions.

The written submission evaluation criteria are detailed below and are weighted equally:

– Quality of written paper (e.g., clarity, organization, figure size, style, etc.)

– Sufficient depth and breadth of research work

– Innovation and impact of research work

– Verification and/or validation of results reported in paper

Upon completion of all the reviews, the Student Program Chairs assemble a list of the top 10 papers based solely on the numerical scores obtained in the reviews. Student authors of the top-scoring papers will be invited as Finalists to the presentation phase of the contest.

Each selected Finalist must be registered as a student for the Symposium AND must attend and present their paper at the conference for award consideration. If the Symposium allows online or hybrid participation, all SPC finalists must present their work live during the regular/special session of the conference, to include question and answer periods after the presentation. In addition, SPC Finalists are also required to attend the SPC Finalist session and present their work to the judges as described below.

Evaluation of SPC Finalist Presentations

All student finalists will present their papers at a SPC Finalist session held during the Symposium, subject to change depending on the attendance options for the Symposium.

The Student Program Chairs assemble a panel of several individuals from the Society’s membership who will judge the presentations during SPC session. The Student Program Chairs will determine the exact composition of the judging panel before the presentation session and will ensure that the expertise of the judging panel reflects the wide range of technical topics across the field of interest of the Society.

Each judge is provided with a score sheet that lists the names of all presenters with paper titles. After reviewing all presentations, the judges score the presentations based on the following criteria below:

– Quality of presentation (e.g., clarity, organization, figure size/arrangements, style, etc.)

Sufficient depth and breadth of research work

Innovation and impact of research work

Verification and/or validation of results reported

The Student Program Chairs will tally the scores submitted by the judges and determine the total score for each competitor. The competitor having the highest total score will be designated the first-place winner, the second highest total score will be designated the second place winner, and the third highest score will be designated the third place winner.

In the event of a tie for first, second, or third place, the Student Program Chairs will meet and make the tie-breaking decisions.


The Student Program Chairs Chair or their designate will announce the first, second and third place winners at the Symposium’s Annual Awards Ceremony.

A monetary award and a certificate/plaque will be given to each student paper competition winner. The monetary awards are $1000 for first place, $600 for second place, and $400 for third place.

All applicable taxes are the responsibility of the award recipient. All recipients will be required to complete and sign a United States Internal Revenue Service Form W-8 or W-9 before award funds will be disbursed.

The primary distribution method for the monetary awards is intended to be by check, available for pickup at the Symposium. Wire transfers can also be arranged, but awardees should anticipate at least 6 weeks of processing time after the conclusion of the Symposium.

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