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Phased array systems continue to be a rapidly evolving technology with steady advances motivated by the challenges presented to modern government and commercial applications. This symposium will present the most recent advances in phased array technology. It also offers a unique opportunity to interact with international colleagues during two days of tutorials and numerous social events including sit down lunches, a welcome reception cocktail hour, and a dinner banquet. 

Historical Background of Technical Symposia on Phased Arrays

The first technical symposium on phased arrays was organized by the U.S. military by the U.S. Air Force’s Rome Air Development Center (RADC), Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, New York and held in 1964 at RADC, Rome, New York. 

The second technical symposium on phased arrays was organized by the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and held in 1970 at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York City.  The chair of this symposium was Prof. Arthur Oliner of the Polytechnic Institute.   A technical report containing the papers from this symposium was published in 1972 by Artech.  The editors of this report were Dr. Oliner and Dr. George Knittel of the Polytechnic Institute.

The third technical symposium on phased arrays was organized by the U.S. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (AFCRL), RADC, Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Massachusetts and held in September 1985 at the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Bedford, Massachusetts.  The organizer of this symposium was Dr. Hans Steyskal of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories.  A technical report containing the unclassified papers of this symposium is available as a U.S. government publication with the identification RADC-TR-85-170.  The editor of this report was Dr. Steyskal.

The IEEE Boston Section has organized and run six phased arrays symposium in the Boston area on Rt. 128 (Westin Waltham) during mid-October of:

1. 1996

2. 2003

3. 2010

4. 2013

5. 2016

6. 2019

So the 2022 IEEE Boston International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology will be the 7th IEEE (open attendance) technical symposium on phased arrays and the 11th technical symposium on phased arrays.