2019 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology

October 15 – 18, 2019, Waltham, MA USA

Preliminary Technical Program

15 October

8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon: Tutorial Session 1

2:10 PM – 1:30 PM:  Luncheon for Tutorial Attendees

Phased Array Measurements
Dr. Alan Fenn, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. Charles Kryzak, Alion Science and Technology
Mr. Alexander Morris, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

T/R Modules and Array Electronics
Dr. William Weedon, Applied Radar
Dr. Gabriel Rebeiz, University of California – San Diego
Dr. Doug Carlson, MACOM

Digital Arrays
Dr. Caleb Fulton, Oklahoma University
Dr. Salvador Talisa, Johns Hopkins University, APL
Dr. Mark Yeary, Oklahoma University

Base Station Antennas for 5G – System Aspects, Design and Applications
Dr. Claes Beckman, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Dr. John Sanford, University of California – San Diego

8:30 AM:   Student Day
Tuesday Afternoon, Eden Vale B and C
1:30 PM – 1:50 PM 

Introduction – Jeffrey S. Herd, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Introduction to the Technical Program – Alan J. Fenn, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Plenary Session Introduction

1:50 PM- 5:20 PM: Session 1: Plenary Session
Bradley T. Perry/MIT Lincoln Laboratories; Eli Brookner/Raytheon(ret)

AN/SPY-6(V) 1 Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) and Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR)
Dr. Curt von Braun, Technical Director, Seapower Capability Systems, Raytheon IDS, USA.

Broadband Electro-Magnetic Apertures (BEMA)
Tony DeSimone, VP & Chief Engineer of Lockheed Martin IWSS, USA.

The Digital Transformation of Phased Arrays
Eric Reinke, VP & CTO, Advanced Concepts and Technologies NGC, USA.

3:20 PM: Break 

Beamforming Systems: Large and Small
Frank Van Vliet, Principal Scientist, TNO and Professor, Univ of Twente, Netherlands.

Challenges of Power Dissipation in 5G m-MIMO Base Stations
Helen Kim, Co-founder and CEO, NanoSemi, Inc., USA.

NOAA’s Meteorological Phased Array Radar Research Program
Kurt Hondl, Deputy Director of the National Severe Storm Laboratory (NSSL) at NOAA, USA

 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Welcome Reception / Cocktail Hour  

16 October

Session 2: European Phased-Array Systems and Technology I (Special Session) – Eden Vale B
Co-Chairs: Alfonso Farina, Selex (retired); Michael Brandfass/Hensoldt 
8:00 AM Presentations

101: Multifunctional AES A Technology Trends – A Radar System Aspects View
Michael Brandfass, Markus Boeck, Ryszard Bil, (Hensoldt Sensors GmbH), Germany.

59: Current Full Digital Phased-Array Radar developments for Naval applications
Carlos F Castillo-Rubio (Indra)*; José Miguel Pascual (Indra), Spain.

69: Phased Array Technology Developments for Next Generation European Spaceborne SARs with Digital Beamforming
Michael Ludwig, Salvatore D’Addio, Francesc Coromina, Iain Davies, Martin Suess, (European Space Agency),  Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Grzegorz Adamiuk, (Airbus Defence and Space), Friedrichshafen, Germany, Andrea Suriani, (Thales Alenia Space), Rome, Italy.


9:00 AM Presentations

28: Cognitive Optimization of Multitasking Detection for 2D E-Scan Airborne Surveillance Radar
Stéphane Kemkemian, Vincent Corretja, (Thales Defence Mission Systems), France.

58: Developments in SAR active phased array antennas in Thales Alenia Space
Andrea Suriani, Pasquale Capece, Giovanni Mannocchi, (Thales Alenia Space) Rome, Italy.

90: Status and Future Trends of Active Phased Array Antennas for AIRBUS Space-Borne SAR Systems
Alexander Hees, Martin Stangl, Grzegorz Adamiuk, Sebastian Riegger, Christoph Heer, (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), 88039 Friedrichshafen, Germany.

10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

 57: AESA Applications by New Technologies Evolution
Giacomo Sabino, (Research & Technologies Engineering), Italy, MBDA Italia SpA, Naples.

10: OMEGA360, A Novel Ubiquitous Radar Architecture to Detect Surface and Low Altitude Flying Targets
Rossella Stallone, et al, (SEASTEMA S.p.A), Rome, Italy.

70: Conformal Phased Array Calibration Based on Orthogonal Coding, Theory and Experimental Validation
Leopoldo Infante, Stefano Mosca, Massimo Angelilli, Leonardo S.p.A., (Land and Naval Defense Electronics Division), Rome, Italy.

65: An EBG Frame for Planar Phased Array
Stefano Mosca, Leonardo S.p.A., (Land and Naval Defense Electronics Division), Rome, Italy.

Session 3:  Beamforming and Calibration I – Eden Vale C
Co-Chairs: James Krieger/HRL Laboratories; Dan Culkin/Northrop Grumman
8:00 AM Presentations

5:  Self-cancellation Full-duplex Steerable Phased Array
Senglee Foo (Huawei), Canada.

19:  Large Scale Phased Array Calibration Using Satellites
Jack J Schuss (Raytheon Company), USA.

55:  Crossing Space, Time And Frequency Domains: Recent Developments of Four-Dimensional Antenna Arrays
Kejin Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)*; Shiwen Yang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Yikai Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Shiwei Qu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), China.

17: Design of Subsurface Phased Array Antennas for Digital Agriculture Applications
Abdul Salam (Purdue University), USA

10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

92: Phased Array Antenna for Bi-Static Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) Systems
Aman Samaiyar (University of Colorado Boulder)*; Prathap Valale Prasannakumar (University of Colorado Boulder); Mohamed Elmansouri (University of Colorado Boulder); Ljubodrag Boskovic (University of Colorado Boulder); Dejan Filipovic (University of Colorado Boulder); Sudhakar Rao (Northrop Grumman System Corporation), USA.

93: An RF Beamforming Architecture for UWB Continuous Time-Delay Control
Christopher S Merola (University of Massachusetts)*; Marinous Vouvakis (UMass), USA.

156:  Ambiguities in Linear Direction-Finding Arrays
Mark C Leifer (Ball Aerospace)*, USA.

209:  The Warm Receiver Section and the Digital Backend of the PHAROS2 Phased Array Feed
A. Navarrini, National Institute for Astrophysics, Italy.


 Session 4:  Array Design I – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Will Moulder/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Chi-Chih Chen/Ohio State University
8:00 AM Presentations

12:  Adaptive Gradient Search for Synthesis of Planar Array with Arbitrary Aperture Shape
Dehua Zhao (China Electronic Technology Corporation)*; Yinsheng Wei (Harbin Institute of Technology); Jing Miao (China Electronic Technology Corporation), China.

14:  Analytical Procedure for Determining the Response of an Antenna Array to an Indirect Lightning Discharge
Eric L Holzman (Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation)*; Eric Holzman (Northrop Grumman), USA.

16:  Design of a New Type Phase Shifting Array with Dual Radiating Modes
Jianfeng Yu (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.38 Research Institute)*, China.

21:  Digital Arrays using Commercial Transceivers: Noise, Spurious, and Linearity Measurements
Peter Delos (Analog Devices)*; Michael Jones (Analog Devices), USA.

22:  Computing RMS and Integrated Array Sidelobes
Mark C Leifer (Ball Aerospace), USA.

23:  Antenna Beam Focusing and Steering with Refraction Through a Plasma with Corresponding Circuitry
Theodore R Anderson (Haleakala Research and Development, Inc)*; Fred Dyer (Haleakala Research and Development, Inc), USA.


10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

36:  Low-Cost Phased Array Feed System for Radio Astronomy and Wide-Angle Scanning Applications
Sara Salem Hesari (University of Victoria)*, B.C.; Lisa Locke

39:  Design of Edge-Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna Manufactured by Injection-Molding
Takashi Uesaka (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)*; Narihito Nakamoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Toru Fukasawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Naofumi Yoneda (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Takeshi Yamamoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Tomoyuki Koyanagi (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Ikuya Kakimoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Yoshihiko Konishi (Hiroshima Institute of Technology), Japan.

40:  A novel technique to simulate DBF algorithms for phased arrays
Vikramjeetsingh Grewal (Larsen & Toubro Ltd)*, India.

161:  Ultra-Low Cross Polarization Microstrip Patch Antennas for Phased Arrays
Jose D Diaz (ARRC/OU)*; Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC), USA.

196:  A W-Band Butterfly Shaped Series-Fed Circular Polarized Phased Array Antenna for CubeSats
Ghanshyam Mishra (San Diego State University); Satish Kumar Sharma (San Diego State University)*; Jia-Chi Chieh (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific), USA.

Session 5:  Signal Processing and Architectures I – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: Jon Doane/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Cathy Keller/MIT Lincoln Laboratory
8:00 AM Presentations

8:  The Higher Order Ambiguity Function Used For Non-Linear Sensor Array Fault Resiliency In The Presence Of Multiple Sources
Tom Northardt (MIKEL Inc.), USA.

25:  An Eigenvector Detection Technique for Target Number Detection by A MIMO Array
Min Jiang (nriet)* Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, Nanjing, China.

26:  Using Time Reversal for Direction of Arrival Estimation in Multipath Environment
Baotao Huang (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology); Min Jiang (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology); Guangxin Wu (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology); Linlin Qi (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology), China.

83:  Active Geolocation Using the Small Airport Surveillance Sensor (SASS) System
Matthew Rebholz (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Gary Hatke (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Steven Campbell (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), USA.

86:  Non-Coherent Angle and Angle-Rate Estimator for a Slewing Monopulse Antenna
Andrew L Kintz (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*, USA.

116:  Phase-Only Beam Pattern Synthesis with Nulling for Linear Antenna Arrays
Ashenafi Yadessa Gemechu (UESTC)*; Cui Guolong (UESTC), China.

10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

143:  Wideband Model Order Estimation Using Machine Learning
Mohanad Al-Ibadi (University of Kansas); Victor Berger (University of Kansas); Sravya Athinarapu (University of Kansas); John Paden (University of Kansas)*; David Crandall (Indiana University), USA.

150:  Deep Learning Based DOA Estimation in Low SNR and Multipath Scenarios
Habibah Hassan (Institute of Space Technology), Pakistan.

Session 6: Radar I – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: Glenn Meurer/MITRE; Donald McPherson/SRC, Inc.
8:00 AM Presentations

30: Smallsat Surveillance Constellations Using MIMO Radar
Isaac Weissman (Radar Consultant)*

34: Are Quantum Radar Arrays Possible?
David Luong (Radar Sensing and Exploitation SectionDefence Research and Development/Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)*; Sreeraman Rajan (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, CanadaBhashyam Balaji (Radar Sensing and Exploitation Section, Defence Research and Development Canada), Canada.

109: One Novel Method of Complex Direct Wave Suppression Based on CLEAN Technology
Yu Zhang (NRIET)*, China.

110: Adaptive clutter suppression method for non-cooperative detection radar
Yu Zhang (NRIET)*, China.

124: 3D ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Amplitude Monopulse Processing at W Band
Raghu G. Raj (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)*; Christopher Rodenbeck (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory); Josh Beun (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory); Ronald Lipps (Self), USA.

125: Modeling and Simulation of Airborne Bistatic Radar Clutter
Junhyeong Bae (Agency for Defense Development (ADD))*; SungYeong Park (Agency for Defense Development (ADD)), South Korea.

10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

130: High-Resolution DOA Estimation of Closely-Spaced and Correlated Targets for MIMO OFDM Radar-Communication System
Jessica B sanson (Instituto de telecomunicações)*; Daniel Castanheira (Instituto de telecomunicações); Atílio Gameiro (Instituto de telecomunicações); Paulo Monteiro (Instituto de telecomunicações), Portugal.

Ahmed Bassyouni (TSC)*, USA.

171: A Phase-coded OFDM Signal for Radar-communication Integration
Linlin Qi (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology)*; Yuan Yao (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology); Baotao Huang (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology); Guangxin Wu (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology), China.


Wednesday Afternoon
Session 7:  European Phased-Array Systems and Technology II  (Special Session) – Eden Vale B
Co-Chairs: Alfonso Farina, Selex (retired); Michael Brandfass/Hensoldt
1:30 PM Presentations

108:  Cosmo Second Generation Active Phased Array Antenna
Pasquale Pepe (ThalesAleniaSpace)*; Pasquale Capece (Thales Alenia Space), Italy. 

62:  GESTRA – Recent Progress, Mode Design and Signal Processing
Christoph Reising (Fraunhofer FHR)*; Nadya Ben Bekhti (Fraunhofer FHR); Rudolf Hoffmann (Fraunhofer FHR); Claus Kirchner (Fraunhofer FHR); Robert Kohlleppel (Fraunhofer FHR); Helmut Wilden (Fraunhofer FHR); Andreas Brenner (Fraunhofer FHR); Thomas Eversberg (German Space Agency (DLR)), Germany.

38:  Millimeter-wave phased arrays for 5G: An industry view on current issues and challenges
Roberto Flamini (Huawei Technologies)*, Italy.

73:  Active Multibeam Antennas based on Rotman Lens Arrays
Giovanni Toso (European Space Agency)*, France.

82:  X-Band Phased Array Antenna Frontends for Next Generation SAR Instruments
Alexander Hees (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH)*; Martin Stangl (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH); Thomas Schwämmlein (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH); Andreas Rathke (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Germany.


Session 8:  Beamforming and Calibration II – Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: William Weedon/Applied Radar Inc.; Mike Cooley/Northrop Grumman
1:30 PM Presentations

71: Multi-frequency Array Beam-forming
Sergey Iakovlev (The University of Melbourne)*; Rob Evans (The University of Melbourne); William Moran (The University of Melbourne), Australia.

76: Amplitude based Beam Steering
Siva Sai Krishna Puranam*, Anand Gopinath, Robert Sainati, (Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities), USA.

78: Axisymmetric Gregorian Reflector System for a Space-Deployed Inflatable Antenna: Simulations and Measurements
Alan J. Fenn*, Jesse H. Mills, Frank C. Robey, Pierre Dufilie (MIT-Lincoln Laboratory), Michael H. Hecht (MIT Haystack Observatory), USA.

107: A Manifold Learning Approach to Array Self~Calibration
Swaroop Appadwedula (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*, USA.

117: Array Antenna Over-The-Air Measurements at Saab
Bengt I Svensson (Saab AB)*; Mattias Viberg (Saab AB), Sweden.


3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Presentations

153: Antenna Array Measurement Using UAS and Software Defined Radios
John Swoboda (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Haystack Observatory)*, USA.

159: Phased Array for Control of Orbital Angular Momentum in Microwave Systems
Daniel Orfeo (University of Vermont); Dylan Burns (University of Vermont); Tian Xia (University of Vermont); Dryver R Huston (University of Vermont)*, USA.

163: Fixed Probe Based One-Shot Calibration Technique for Small Digital Phased Array
Shajid Islam (University of Oklahoma)*; Caleb Fulton (Univ. of Okla., ARRC), USA.


Session 9:  Array Design II – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: Peter Hurst/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Glenn Hopkins/Georgia Tech Research Institute
1:30 PM Presentations

45:  Simulation Results of a Dual Band Electrically Scanned Array utilizing Hybrid Dielectric Subsrates
Gregory Mitchell (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)*, USA.

49:  Grating Lobe Mitigation in Scanning Planar Phased Array Antennas
Zabed Iqbal (The University of Alabama in Huntsville)*; Maria Pour (The University of Alabama in Huntsville), USA.

63:  An Array of Tilted Dipoles Loaded with Artificial Dielectrics with an Asymmetric Pattern
Cristina Yepes (Delft University of Technology)*; Erio Gandini (TNO Defense, Safety and Security); Andrea Neto (Delft University of Technology); Frank E. van Vliet (TNO Defense, Safety and Security); Stefania Monni (TNO Defense, Safety and Security); Daniele Cavallo (Delft University of Technology), Netherlands.

64:  Wideband Wide-scanning Phased Array of U-slot Microstrip Antenna Elements in Triangular Lattice
Binyun Yan (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)*; Weixing Sheng (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), China.

87:  Densely Interleaved Arrays for Dual-Tone Transmitters 
Anton Atanasov (University of Twente)*, The Netherlands.

197:  Some Investigations into Mutual Coupling Analysis for Trade Space Studies of Linear Arrays

Bidisha Barman (University of Missouri at Kansas City); James Kovarik (University of Missouri at Kansas City); Deb Chatterjee (University of Missouri at Kansas City)*; Anthony Caruso (University of Missouri at Kansas City), USA.


3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Presentations

103:  The Design of S band Low Sidelobe Rectangular Waveguide Slot Phased Arrays Antenna
Zhengxin FANG (ECRIEE)*, China.

138:  Enabling the Co-Existence of Multiband Antenna Arrays
Can Ding (University of Technology Sydney)*, Australia.

54:  Design and Simulation of Slot Loaded 1×2 Array Antennas for Multi-Band Application
Gazala Pravin (Barkatullah University)*, India.

100:  Ultra-Low Cost Ku-Band Dual-Polarized Transmit and Receive Phased-Arrays for SATCOM and Point-to-Point Applications with Bandwidths up to 750 MHz

Abdurrahman H Aljuhani (University of California San Diego)*; Evan Traffenstedt (University of California San Diego); Tumay Kanar ( University of California San Diego); Samet Zihir ( University of California San Diego); Gabriel Rebeiz (UCSD), USA.


Session 10:  Honoring Hans Steyskal (Special Session) – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Herd/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Robert J. Mailloux/ARCON Corporation
1:30 PM Presentations

202: Memorial Tribute to Dr. Hans Steyskal: His Life and Contributions to Phased Array Systems and Technology
Jeffrey Herd (MIT-Lincoln Laboratory)*, USA.

32: Array Pattern Synthesis with Prescribed Nulls
Randy L Haupt (Colorado School of Mines)*, USA.

210: Digital Beamforming – A Retrospective
Jay Loomis, The University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA.

185: A Unique Digital Technique for Compensating for Array Element Failures
Robert J Mailloux (University of Trento)*, Italy.

205: Research on Wideband Phased Array Antennas – Special Session in Memory of Dr. Hans Steyskal
Henrik Holter (SAAB Electronic Warfare Systems)*, Australia.

104: Pattern Synthesis for Distributed Space-Based Radar
John K Schindler (Arcon Corp)*, USA.


Session 11:  Signal Processing and Architectures II – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: Matt Facchine/Northrop Grumman; Mark McLure/Systems & Technology Research
1:30 PM Presentations

123:  Neural Networks for Real-Time Adaptive Beamforming in Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Digital Phased Arrays
Ian Cummings (Michigan Technological University)*; Timothy Schulz (Michigan Technological University); Timothy Havens (Michigan Technological University); Jonathan Doane (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), USA.

135:  Performance Analysis of Cognitive Adaptive Array Processing (CAAP) in Phased Array Radar for Various Jammer Scenarios

Elayaperumal Subramaniyan (Indian Institute of science)*; Rathna G N (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), India.

136:  Optimal Irregular Subarray Design for Adaptive Jammer Suppression in Phased Array Radar
Elayaperumal Subramaniyan (Indian Institute of science)*; KVS Hari (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), India.

141:  A Mutual Coupling Approach to Digital Pre-Distortion and Nonlinear Equalization Calibration for Digital Arrays
Nicholas Peccarelli (University of Oklahoma)*; Caleb Fulton (Univ. of Okla., ARRC), USA.

142:  Near-field Source Location with an L-band Widely-Spaced 4-element Random Array
Chanci King (University of Colorado)*; Albin Gasiewski (University of Colorado), USA.


3:30 PM Presentations

148:  Performance Comparison of Subspace and Sparse- based DOA Estimation Algorithms
Habibah Hassan (Institute Of Space Technology)*, Pakistan.

157:  Compressive Processing for Phased Array Characterization and Direction Finding 
Marco Salucci (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Mohammad Hannan (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Paolo Rocca (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento)*; Donald Migliore (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio); Andrea Massa (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento)

158: Reconfigurable Space-Time-Coding Through Time-Modulated Array
Lorenzo Poli (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Paolo Rocca (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento)*; Andrea Massa (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento) Electronics Division, Rome, Italy.


Poster Session 1 – Upper Foyer
Co-Chairs: Pierre Dufilie/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Roberto G. Rojas/MIT Lincoln Laboratory

7: Dual Polarized Ku-Band Phased Array on ROHACELL utilizing Silicon Beamforming Chipsets
Jia-Chi Chieh (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific)*; Everly Yeo (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific); Maxwell Kerber (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific); Randall Olsen (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific), USA.

11: Analysis on heat dissipation characteristics of arrayed tile-type Digital Transmit/Receive Modules
Kichul Yoon (The Agency for Defense Development)*, South Korea.

43: Study on Waveform Characteristic for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive used in Multifunction Phased Array
Jie Zhang (The 14th Research Institute of CETC)*, China.

46: Aperture Taper Control of a High Efficiency Low Sidelobe Series-Fed Antenna Array 
Jeffrey L. Blanco (The Ohio State University)*; Chi-Chih Chen (Ohio State University)

51: A Novel Planar Nolen Matrix Phased Array for MIMO Application
Han Ren (Washington State University); Hanxiang Zhang (Washington State University); Peizhao Li (Washington State University); Yixin Gu (University of Texas at Arlington ); Bayaner Arigong (Washington State University)*, USA

17 October

Session: 12:  5G Arrays I – Eden Vale Ballroom B
Co-Chairs: Raoul Ouedraogo/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Jonathan Williams/Teradyne
8:00 AM Presentations

20: Non-Uniform Steerable Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide
Nima Javanbakht (Carleton University)*, Canada.

33: Shared Envelope Tracking for Time-Delayed Power Amplifiers in Phased Array Systems
Andrew Zai (Humatics); Kenneth E. Kolodziej (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Michael Lockard (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Jeffrey Herd (MIT-LL), USA.

44: Wide-Angle Beam Steering AESA with Three-Dimensional Stacked PCB for Ka-Band In-Flight Connectivity
Tomohiro Takahashi (Mitsubishi Electric)*, Japan.

52: Cross-Linked Small-Sat Communication System using a Spherical Phased Array Line Feed
Jenna L Kloosterman (University of Southern Indiana)*; Athan Walker (University of Arizona); Brandon Swift (FreeFall Areospace); Terrance Pat (University of Arizona); Juan Carlos Lopez-Tonazzi (FreeFall Aerospace); Christopher Walker (FreeFall Aerospace, University of Arizona), USA.

60: Low-cost Irregular Subarrayed Wide-Angle Scanning Array Design for 5G and IoT Applications
Wei Dong (National University of Defense and Technology)*; Zhen Hai Xu (National University of Defense and Technology); Shun Ping Xiao (National University of Defense and Technology), China.

61: Architecture Consideration of Active Phased Array Antennas for Millimeter Wave Applications
Jinping Zhang (NRIET)*; Zhipeng Zhou (NRIET), China.


10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

66: Dual-Polarized 28-GHz Air-Filled SIW Phased Antenna Array for Next-Generation Cellular Systems
Kamil Yavuz Kapusuz (Ghent University)*; Sam Lemey (Ghent University); Hendrik Rogier (Ghent University), Belgium.

183: LTCC WiGig Radio Module & USB Dongle
Pei-Zong Rao (ShenZhen Jaguar Wave Technology Co. Ltd.)*, China.


Session: 13 Dual-Polarization Weather Radar (Special Session) Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: Mark Weber/CIMMS University of Oklahoma; Kurt Hondl/NSSL NOAA
8:00 AM Presentations

68:  Recent Advances on an S-band All-Digital Mobile Phased Array Radar
Mark Yeary (University of Oklahoma)*; Bob Palmer (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Caleb Fulton (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC); Hjalti Sigmarsson (The University of Oklahoma), USA.

91:  Evaluation of the Impacts of System Modules on Polarimetric Radar Data Quality Using a Phased Array Weather Radar System Simulator
Zhe Li (University of Oklahoma)*; Sudantha Perera (University of Oklahoma); Yan Zhang (University of Oklahoma); Guifu Zhang (University of Oklahoma); Richard Doviak (National Severe Storms Laboratory); Igor Ivić (Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies), USA.

102:  Polarimetric Calibration of a Dual-Polarization Phased Array Weather Radar
Alexander Morin (Colorado State University)*; Jim George (Colorado State University); Venkatachalam Chandrasekar (Colorado State University), USA.

140:  An Ultra-Fast Scan C-band Polarimetric Atmospheric Imaging Radar (PAIR)
Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC)*, USA.


10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

189:  A New Analytical Model Based on Diffraction Theory for Predicting Cross-polar Patterns of Antenna Elements in a Finite Phased Array
Javier A Ortiz (University of Oklahoma, Advanced Radar Research Center)*; Nafati Aboserwal (University of Oklahoma, Advanced Radar Research Center); Jorge Salazar (Univ. of Okla., ARRC), USA.

151:  Airborne Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar: Antenna Aperture and Beam Forming Architecture
Eric Loew (N.C.A.R.); Jothiram Vivekanandan (N.C.A.R>)*; Adam Karboski (N.C.A.R.), USA.

179:  An Overview of Weather Calibration on the Advanced Technology Demonstrator
Igor Ivić (Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies)*, USA.


Session 14: Beamforming and Calibration III – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Jack Schuss/Raytheon; David Mooradd/MIT Lincoln Laboratory
8:00 AM Presentations

165: Effects of Known and Unknown Antenna Position Errors on MVDR
Bailey Miller (University of Kansas); John Paden (University of Kansas)*; Emily Arnold (University of Kansas), USA.

166: 5G Signal Analysis in The Near Field: Waveform, Cross-talk, Backscattering
Maryna Nesterova (APREL.Inc.)*; Stuart Nicol (APTEL Inc.), USA.

169: Beam-Steering Antenna with Tunable Beamwidth Using Rotman Lens and Power Combiner
Soon-Soo Oh (Chosun University)*; Dong-Woo Kim (Chosun University); Jae-Beom Jin (Chosun University); Gi-Tae Hwang ( Chosun University ); Hyun-Chel Roh (Chosun University ); In-Ryeol Kim (Chosun University), South Korea.

170: Squint Reduction of L Band Phased Array Using Novel Miniature True Time Delay
Benjamin Freer (Lockheed Martin)*; Michael Geiler (Metamagnetics), USA.

172: Rapid Integration of a Flexible, Wideband Beamformer with Wideband Antenna Technology
Jonathan W Dixon (SI2 Technologies)*; Ted Hoffmann (Collins Aerospace), USA.

177: Cognitive Adaptive Array Processing (CAAP) – Its Time Has Come
Eli Brookner (Raytheon (retired))*, USA.


10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

193: A Simple Method of Array Pattern Analysis for MIMO Radar Geometries
Richard Gonzalez (University of Massachusetts Boston); Malcolm M Simpson (University of Massachusetts Boston)*; Emmanuel Pierre (University of Massachusetts Boston), USA.

35:  Digital Synthetic Receive Beamforming with the Xilinx ZC1275 Evaluation Board
Mark Fosberry (BAE Systems Inc)*; Matilda Livadaru (BAE Systems Inc), USA.


Session: 15 Array Design III – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: Paolo Rocca/University of Trente; Robert J. Mailloux/ARCON Corporation
8:00 AM Presentations

119:  An Ultra-Wideband Wide-Angle Scan Array Antenna For SKA AA-mid
Jia Fang (ECRIEE)*, China.

121:  Design and Manufacturing of a Dual Patch Ring Antenna Using Parasitic Ring Resonators and Partial Ground Plane for Multiband Applications
Bishoy Halim Elgndi (Alexandria Unversity)*, Egypt.

128:  Periodic Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Leaky Wave Antenna for Backward Endfire Radiation
Muhammad Zaka Ali (College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME), NUST, Islamabad. Pakistan)*; Qasim Umar Khan (College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering NUST Islamabad); Usman Ali (College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME), NUST, Islamabad), Pakistan.

132:  Design of a Dual-Circularly Polarized X-Band Active Phased Array Based on a Balanced-Diplexer
Elie G Tianang (University of Colorado, Boulder)*; Mohamed Elmansouri (University of Colorado Boulder); Ljubodrag Boskovic (University of Colorado Boulder); Dejan Filipovic (University of Colorado Boulder), USA.

139:  RF Design and Development of a Deployable Membrane Reflectarray Antenna for Space
Michael Cooley (Northrop Grumman)*, USA.

118:  An Ultra-Wideband Dual-Polarization Array Antenna
Jia Fang (ECRIEE)*, China.


10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Presentations

154:  New Smart Plasma Antenna with Radiation Patterns and VSWR Measurements
Theodore R Anderson (Haleakala Research and Development, Inc)*, USA.

162:  Batteries Management System optimization Phased Array based
Mustapha Hatti (ARCHEDITECH)*, Algeria.

194:  Low Cost Additively Manufactured Antenna Array Modules
Jeff Massman (Air Force Research Laboratory)*, USA.

120:  Factors that Define the Bandwidth of a Phased Array Antenna
Randy L Haupt (Colorado School of Mines)*, USA.


Session 16:  Metamaterial Phased Arrays – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: John Volakis/Florida International University; Eli Brookner/Raytheon (retired)
8:00 AM Presentations

50:  Ultra-wideband Dual-Polarized Scanning Metamaterial / MetaFerrite Arrays
Stephen M. Sekelsky (Lockheed Martin)*; David Turowski (Lockheed Martin); Han Liu (Lockheed Martin); Alexander D. Johnson (Florida International University);  Elias A. Alwan, (Florida International University); John L. Volakis (Florida International University); Gregory A. Mitchell (Army Research Laboratory); Steven J. Weiss (Army Research Laboratory), USA.

79:  Demonstration of Metamaterial-Enabled Overlapped Subarray for a Linear Array
Erik Lier (Lockheed Martin Space)*; J. Daniel Binion (Penn State University); Douglas Werner (Penn State University); Thomas Hand (Lockheed Martin Space); Pingjuan Werner (Penn State University), USA.

94:  RF Metasurface Array Design Using Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks
John A Hodge (Virginia Tech)*; Kumar Vijay Mishra (U. S. Army Research Laboratory); Amir Zaghloul (U.S. Army Research Lab / Virginia Tech), USA.

129:  A Low Profile Tightly Coupled Antenna Array with 80o Scanning for Multifunctional Applications
Alpha O Bah (University of Technology Sydney)*, Australia.

192:  Anti-Phased Arrays with Topological Defects for Limits-Breaking Meta-Materials and Meta-Circuits
Svetlana V Boriskina (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)*, USA.

122: Design and Improvement a Novel Microstrip Antenna Using Array of Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line (CRLH-TL) Technique for Multiband Applications
Bishoy Halim Elgndi (Alexandria University)*, Egypt; Ahmed Boutejdar (German Research Foundation), Germany.


Thursday Afternoon
Session 17: 5G Arrays II – Eden Vale Ballroom B
Co-Chairs: Kenneth Kolodziej/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Tony Fischetti/Saab
1:30 PM Presentations

74:  Towards Millimeter-Wave Phased Array Circuits and Systems For Small Form Factor and Power Efficient 5G Mobile Devices
Pilsoon Choi (MIT)*, USA.

75:  A 1 Gbps 3.5-4.75 km Communication Link Based on a 5G 28 GHz 8×8 Phased-Array
Yusheng Yin (University of California, San Diego)*, USA.

77:  64 GHz 5G-Based Phased-Arrays for UAV Detection and Automotive Traffic-Monitoring Radars
YAOCHEN WANG (University of California, San Diego)*; Thomas Phelps (University of California, San Diego); Bhaskar Rupakula (University of California, San Diego); Samet Zihir (University of California, San Diego); Gabriel Rebeiz (UCSD), USA.

95:  High-Directivity Beam-Steerable Lens Antenna for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive
Carlos A Mulero Hernandez (CU Boulder)*; Mohamed Elmansouri (University of Colorado Boulder); Dejan Filipovic (University of Colorado Boulder), USA.

131:  Antenna array for 5G communications System
lan peng (The 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group corporation)*, China.


3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Presentations

155:  Unconventional M-MIMO Phased Array Design for 5G Wireless Systems
Nicola Anselmi (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Giorgio Gottardi (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Paolo Rocca (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento)*; Giacomo Oliveri (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento); Andrea Massa (ELEDIA Research Center, University of Trento), Italy.

164: Phased Arrays and MIMO: Wideband 5G End Fire Elements on LCP for MIMO
Rajveer S Brar (Simon Fraser University )*; Rodney G Vaughan (Simon Fraser University); MARK FELIPE (Benchmark Electronics), USA.


Session 18:  Wideband Array Apertures (Special Session) – Eden Vale Ballroom C
Co-Chairs: Wajih Elsallal/MITRE; Rick Kindt/NRL
1:30 PM Presentations

72:  Analysis and Design of Connected Slot Arrays with Artificial Dielectrics
Daniele Cavallo (Delft University of Technology)*, Netherlands. 

89:  Machined Metal FUSE Array Apertures
Rick Kindt (NRL)*; Jack Logan (NRL); Wajih Elsallal (MITRE), USA.

200:  On the Integration of Wideband Adaptable Hardware Technologies to Enable RF Machine Learning
Matilda Livadaru (BAE Systems Inc)*; Mark Fosberry (BAE Systems Inc); Nicholas Campbell (BAE Systems Inc); Kevin Bassett (BAE Systems Inc); Steven Speck (BAE Systems Inc); James Fung (BAE Systems Inc); Peter Schibly (BAE Systems Inc); Steven Blackwell (BAE Systems Inc); Andrew Kraemer (BAE Systems Inc); Allan Redenbaugh (BAE Systems Inc); Benjamin Mcmahon (BAE Systems Inc); Randall Lapierre (BAE Systems Inc), United Kingdom.

201:  An Additively Manufactured, All-metallic Frequency-scaled Ultra-wide Spectrum Element (AM-FUSE) Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) for Space-borne Applications
Wajih Elsallal (MITRE)*; Jamie Hood (MITRE); Eric Renda (MITRE); Cecelia Franzini (MITRE); Franciso Ramos-Carrizosa (MITRE); Jaclyn Hayes (MITRE); Kevin Dauphinais (MITRE); Eddie Rosario (MITRE); Matthew Jones (MITRE); Paul Pelsinski (MITRE); John Liston (MITRE), USA.

206:  A Low-Cost, mmWave Tileable Sliced Notch Vivaldi Array
Jeremiah D Wolf (Collins Aerospace)*

207:  Dual Polarized Ultrawideband Coincident Phase Center TCDA with 15:1 Bandwidth
Justin Kasemodel (Raytheon)*; Justin E. Stroup (Raytheon); Brian W. Johansen (Raytheon); James Irion II (Raytheon) USA.


3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Presentations

85:  UWB Millimeter-Wave Phased Array with Differential Feed and Wide Scan Range
Alexander D Johnson (Florida International University College of Egnineering)*; Satheesh Bojja Venkatakrishnan (Florida International University College of Egnineering); Elias Alwan (Florida International University College of Egnineering); John Volakis (Florida International University), USA.

199:  High Power AESAs for 20-60 GHz with Linear and Circular Polarizations
Carl Pfeiffer (Defense Engineering Corporation)*; Boris Tomasic (Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB); Thomas Steffen (Defense Engineering Corporation); Gregory Phillips (Defense Engineering Group), USA.

106:  Practical Design of an Octave-band Stacked Patch Antenna Phased Array
Pierre Dufilie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory)*, USA.


Session 19: Asia-Pacific Phased-Array Systems and Technology (Special Session) – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Nick Buris/Shanghai University; Jiro Hirokawa/Tokyo Institute of Technology

1:30 PM Presentations

56: Focal-Field Reconstruction for Astronomical Transients with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Decheng Wu (Chongqing University); Nanjie Lv (Chongqing University); Hailin Cao (Chongqing University)*; Jin Fan (The National Astronomy Observatory of China Chinese Academy of Sciences); Lisheng Yang (Chongqing University); Shizhong Yang (Chongqing University), China.

126: Recent development in nonuniformly spaced array synthesis methods
Yanhui Liu (Xiamen University and University of Technology Sydney)*; Foxiang Liu (Xiamen University); Peiyuan Qin (University of Technology Sydney); Yingjie Jay Guo (University of Technology Sydney), Australia.

27: Time-Modulated Array Using Phase Shifter for Amplitude-Phase Error Compensation
Kazunari Kihira (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)*; Toru Fukasawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation); Naofumi Yoneda (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), Japan.

37: A 64×64-way Two-dimensional Beam-switching Butler Matrix for Multi-beam Massive MIMO
Jiro Hirokawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)*, Japan.

15: Design of Low Phase Noise and Low Spurs Fractional-N PLL Based Frequency Generator for Millimeter Radar
Chen Yuanqing (Shanghai University)*; Yi Zhiming (Shanghai University); Xu Bin (Qualcomm); Yang Guangli (Shanghai University), China.

18: Phased Array Technologies for 5G Massive MIMO and Imaging Applications
Wei Hong (Southeast University)*; Chao Yu (Nil); Jianyi Zhou (Southeast University), China.


Session 20: Radar II – Emerson Room
Co-Chairs: Gregory A. Arlow/Lockheed Martin; Duane J. Mattiesen/Technia
4:00 PM Presentations

176:  Non-Destructive Quality Estimation of Packaged Ceramic Tiles Using Millimeter Wave Imaging Radar
Smriti Agarwal (G B Pant Govt. Engineering college)*, India.

178:  MIMO Radar For Automobiles
Eli Brookner (Raytheon (retired))*, USA.

186:  Radar Target Localization by Phased Array with Vortex Wave Generating Elements
Altunkan Hizal (Aselsan As)*; Hayrullah Yildiz (Aselsan As), Turkey.

187:  Optimal Adaptive Estimation of the Monopulse Ratio for Precise Target Localization in Jamming
Manuel F Fernandez (Independent Researcher)*; Kai-Bor Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), China.

188:  A Robust Approach for Mitigation of Noise Jamming in Linear Array Systems
Faran Awais Butt (Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS))*; Ijaz Haider Naqvi (Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)); Usman Riaz (Air University, Islamabad), Pakistan.


Session 21: Transmit/Receive (T/R) Modules – Cambridge Room
Co-Chairs: David Conway/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Tracy Wallace/Georgia Institute of Technology
1:30 AM Presentations

4: Miniaturization and High Accuracy Design of C-band True Time Delay Module
Xiaokun Li (Nanjing Institute of Electronic Technology)*, China.

84: A New Method of Electro-Mechanical Packaging with Embedded Cooling to Design Fully-Functional Core Structures for Scalable Active Phased Array Radars
Kaan Temir (Aselsan Inc.)*, Turkey.

174: Novel FPGA based T/R Module Controller for Active Phased Array Radar
SOMSING RATHOD (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru)*; ANANT RAUT (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru); AMIT GOEL (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru); SREENIVASULU K (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru); Beenamole KS (Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru); KP Ray (Department of Electronics Engineering, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Girinagar, Pune).

180Multi-Channel, High-Power C-Band Array Development using Multifunction MMICs
George Che (Georgia Tech Research Institute)*; Adilson Cardoso (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Phillip Moore (Georgia Tech Research Institute), USA.


Session 22: Signal Processing and Architectures III – Lincoln Room
Co-Chairs: Bryan Teague/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Brian Janice/MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
1:30 PM Presentations

160:  Super-Resolution Direction-of-Arrival Estimation based on Multiplicative Array Processing
Dayalan P Kasilingam (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)*; Murillo Silva (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth); Matthew Curtis (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth), USA.

181:  Wideband Array Transmission – Waveforms and Phase Notching
Jack H Winters (Lockheed Martin RMS)*; Michael Luddy (Lockheed Martin RMS), USA.

182:  Phased Array Applications to Improve Troposcatter Communications
Jack H Winters (Lockheed Martin RMS)*; Michael Luddy (Lockheed Martin RMS), USA.

184: Prior Based Grid Selection Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Based Direction of Arrival Estimation Methods
Berkan Kılıç (Aselsan Inc.)*; Mert Kalfa (Aselsan Inc.); Orhan Arıkan (Bilkent University), Turkey.

195: Study on Different Array Allocation for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Used in Phased Array
Jie Zhang (The 14th Research Institute of CETC)*, China.


Poster Session 2 – Upper Foyer
Co-Chairs: Roberto G. Rojas/MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Pierre Dufilie/MIT Lincoln Laboratory

80: Compact AESA for Airborne Self-Protection and Close-Support Jammers

Andrea Bentini (Elettronica S.p.A.)*; Diego Palombini (Elettronica S.p.A.); Antonio Manna (Elettronica S.p.A.), Italy.

105:  Angular Target Detection by Means of DPCA Technique
Enzo Carpentieri (MBDA)*, Italy.

173: A 28 GHz Dual Slant Polarized Phased Array Using Silicon Beamforming Chipsets 
Jia-Chi Chieh (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific)*; Everly Yeo (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific); Maxwell Kerber (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific); Randall Olsen (SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific); Emanuel Merulla (CERDEC); Satish Sharma (San Diego State University), USA.

29:  Statistical Analysis and Discussion of Circularly Bound Random Antenna Array Distributions
Kristopher Buchanan (Naval Information Warfare Center)*; Gregory Huff (Pennsylvania State University); Sara Wheeland (NIWC PAC); Drew Overturf (NIWC PAC); Oren Sternberg (NIWC PAC), USA.


18 October

Friday, 18 October 2019
8:00 am – 12:00 NOON: Tutorial Session 2

Phased Arrays for MIMO Radar
Dr. Vito Mecca, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. Frank Robey, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. Daniel Rabideau, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Modeling Multi-function Phased Array Systems
Dr. Honglei Chen, MathWorks
Mr. Rick Gentile, MathWorks

Adaptive Beamforming for Radar and Phased Arrays: Principles and Recent Advances
Dr. Alfonso Farina, Consultant to Leonardo S.p.A. “Electronics Division”, Rome, Italy, Selex (ret.)

Phased-Arrays, Metamaterials, Stealth, UWB, Cognitive Adaptivity, Radar, MIMO – Basics & Breakthroughs
Dr. Eli Brookner, Raytheon (ret.)


12:15 pm – 1:15 pm:  Luncheon for Tutorial Attendees
1:30 pm:  Symposium Adjourned